Mill-Co offers an extensive range of standard cutters. Some of these include half side mill cutters, tapered cutters, slotting cutters, and high shear cutters. One high shear cutter which we manufacture is referred to as "the super shear tool".

This super shear cutter style combines extremely high axial and radial rake angles with the most popular lead angles. The geometry produces a slicing action that cuts through hard to machine materials for milling Titanium - Aluminum - exotics - tough and stringy materials - steels. All of our standard cutters can be modified to handle the task they are required to perform.

Accuracy ... the closest tolerances in the industry....
.0003 on the face - .001 on the perlphery

Strength ... Solid. 4150 alloy steel. heat treated to 46-48 Rc.

Rigidity ... The hardened steel, taper lock WEDGE, and locator BUTTON make-up to a rigid and compact unit. This unitized blade holding system assures absolute rigidity after indexing and it also provides for in-plant cutter repair in case of damage. Complete cutter accuracies and efficiency can be easily and quickly restored with new blades and a few inexpensive spare parts.