Mill-Co designs and manufacturs the widest selection of milling cutters and metal removal tools for to-days demanding industry. We have been manufacturing custom tools for some of the biggest tool & die companies since 1986. Our facility allows us to offer a wide range of services such as turning, grinding, and milling, and enables us to handle both large and small orders. Our employees are highly skilled and very experienced; qualities which are reflected and can be seen through the final product we produce.

All of our cutters are designed and manufactured to meet three standards: accuracy, strength, and rigidity. Here at Millco we stand by our work. All our products are 100% guaranteed. Our one piece cutter bodies are not only tough, they are the most rigid cutter bodies made. Our compact unitized bIade holding system assures absolute rigidity, smooth chip formation, and free chipflow. Our new compact/Torx tools are designed with particular new geometries to increase productivity and cost efficiency, meeting what is expected by todays end users with the highest demand for quality in mind.

We will work with you in designing and manufacturing a tool that you require. We will make that tool enforcing the highest quality standards, give it to you at the lowest price possible, and get in to you in the shortest time possible. From the smallest end mills to the largest specially designed milling cutters, we offer a service that can provide a reliabie solution to all your metal removal applications.